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New Book by David Robb

Alec Forbes of Howglen and the Condition of Scotland
by David Robb

‘It tells us something about the nature of George MacDonald’s particular genius that the current interest in him, both among academics and general readers, is a worldwide phenomenon… He has become a world writer, transcending the boundaries of nations and languages, and also the cultural boundaries arising from the historical circumstances of his Victorian time and place.’ From the Foreword

George MacDonald (1824-1905) is here studied as a Scottish writer: Robb analyses what is perhaps his best novel so as to illuminate both the mind of an important nineteenth-century writer and also the times in which he lived.

The work ends with a ‘Summary of Alec Forbes of Howglen’ and a list of editions published in MacDonald’s lifetime.

ISBN 978-0-9542643-5-2 Paperback 28 pages


For details of how to purchase and postage for where you live contact:

Ink Books
Ian P. Blakemore
Rosley Farmhouse

Phone: 016973 499 24
E-mail: sales@rosleybooks.co.uk

There is a reduced rate for members of the George MacDonald Society!


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George MacDonald Quote

Two people may be at the same spot in manners and behaviour, and yet one may be getting better, and the other worse, which is the greatest of differences that could possibly exist between them. (The Princess and Curdie)

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I currently working on a complete revision of http://www.george-macdonald.com which should make it much easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. I am making good progress but, as always, the devil is in the details! The aim is to go live by Christmas, so watch this space.

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An insightful essay by Michaela Fojytikova on George MacDonald’s ‘The Shadows’ has been published at www.george-macdonald.com/the_shadows.html. Michaela is a Slovakian student living in Austria and would welcome your comments.

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